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  1. New Exclusive Brewer's Advent Calendar Edition 2019 - Mixed German 24 Pack Beer (Available Exclusively in Ontario)


    Germany (Germany)

    24 x 330ml



    Due to the overwhelming demand, we decided to knock on some doors and we scored a final allocation! We're extending the offer until Thursday 11:59pm. We recommend quick reflexes as these are the last cases. Order now for guaranteed delivery on or before December 1, 2019.


    Help your beer-loving friends, family, and clients drink like aficionados this holiday season with these ultra-exclusive beers from all over Germany.  So exclusive, they’re unavailable in stores in Canada and will make this gift super-special, guaranteeing no chance, the recipient would get the same gift from someone else!


    With this in mind, we scored this killer Brewer's Advent Calendar to help you check at least one important task off your holiday shopping list.


    Enjoy various styles such as an appealing Ale, a pleasant Pilsner and an intriguing Lager.


    The 2019 Brewers Advent Calendar Holiday Beer Discovery Pack includes 24 unique bottles of German beer, a tasting glass and a beer tasting app. LIMITED QUANTITIES.


    The packs will be delivered directly to the recipient’s home or office within 5 business days of placing your order.  For larger orders involving multiple addresses, contact us directly at 1-877-714-9463.


    This calendar contains:

    • Bad Santa's Gypsysud 2019 I Kalea Limited Edition I Heller Weizenbock I 7.2% alc./vol.
    • Camba 4 Sessions I Camba Bavaria I Pale Ale I 4.1% alc./vol.
    • Herrnbrau Premium Pils I Herrnbrau I Pils German Style I 5.0% alc./vol.
    • Ladenburger Pilsbock I Brauerei Ladenburger I Heller Bock I 7.5% alc./vol.
    • Schlobbrau Jubilaumsbier 333 I Schlossbrauerei Rheder I Helles/Lager I 5.7% alc./vol.
    • Wacken sleipnir I Wacken Brauerei I Helles/Lager I 4.8% alc./vol.
    • Barre Festbier I Privatbrauerei Ernst Barre I Festbier I 4.8% alc./vol.
    • Einbecker Weihnachtsbier I Einbecker Brauhaus I Wiener Lager I 5.3% alc./vol.
    • Hohenthanner Tannen Hell I Hohenthanner Scholossbrauerei I Helles Lager I 5.0% alc./vol.
    • Landgang Craft-Bier Pils I Landgang Brauerei I Pils German Style I 4.9% alc./vol.
    • Schneider Weisse TAP6 Aventinus I Schneider Weisse I Heller Weizen Doppelbock I 8.2% alc./vol.
    • Westheimer Hirsch Brau I Grfl. Stolberg'sche Br. Westheim I Helles/Lager I 5.0% alc./vol.
    • Bischofshof Bruckmandl I Brauerei Bischofshof I Helles/Lager I 4.9% alc./vol.
    • Furst Carl Kellerbier I Furst Carl Scholossbrauerei I Zwickel/Kellerbier I 5.1% alc./vol.
    • Hopfenkopf s'Mandal I Hopfenkopf Brau I Helles Hefeweizen I 5.3% alc./vol.
    • Maxlrain Original Maxl Helles I Schlossbrauerei Maxlrain I Helles/Lager I 5.1% alc./vol.
    • Stortebeker Ubersee-Pils I Stortebeker Braumanufaktur I Pils German Style I 5.2% alc./vol.
    • Wold Pils I Kauzen Brau I Pils German Style I 4.9% alc./vol.
    • Braumanufaktur Harke Landbier I BrauManufaktur Harke I Helles/Lager I 5.2% alc./vol.
    • Goldochsen Ulmer Hell I Brauerei Gold Ochsen I Helles/Lager I 4.9% alc./vol.
    • Kraftbierwerkstatt Der schwarze Bock I Kraftbierwerkstatt I Dunkler Bock I 6.2% alc./vol.
    • Perlenzauber Gypsysud 2019 I Kalea Limited Edition I Pale Ale I 5.3% alc./vol.
    • Viking Kolsch Mikkeler&Gaffel I Privatbrauerei Gaffel I Kolsch I 5.0% alc./vol.
    • Zwonitwer Ziegenbock I Brauerei Zwonitz I Dunkler Bock I 7.5% alc./vol.
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