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  1. $86.40

    Henderson Brewing Company

    Ontario (Canada)

    24 x 473 ml

    This golden, Italian pilsner has notes of sweet malt and peppery spice with fresh, floral hops to give it a clean, bitter finish. We put in just the right amount of Magnum, Tettnanger, and Saphir to balance out the malts. At 5.5%, Figo is a light bodied beer in which the hop character and maximizing aroma contribute to a classic, European style. A beer for those who love a lager that’s thirst-quenching but has a little something extra, Figo is crisp and complex, lush and full of character, with the right balance of flavour and refreshment to keep you coming back for more.

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  2. New 12 Beers of Christmas Advent Calendar 2022 by Henderson Brewing (Available Exclusively in Ontario)


    Canada (Canada), Ontario (Canada)

    12 x 473 ml

    Complimentary Delivery on orders of 2 or more.

    Help your beer-loving friends, family, and clients drink like aficionados this holiday season with these ultra-exclusive beers from Henderson Brewing.  So exclusive, they’re unavailable in stores in Canada and will make this gift super-special, guaranteeing no chance, the recipient would get the same gift from someone else!

    We scored this killer Advent Calendar to help you check at least one important task off your holiday shopping list.

    Enjoy various styles such as an appealing Ale, a pleasant Pilsner and an intriguing Lager.


    This calendar contains: 12 Cans Total

    • Henderson’s Best Amber Ale (473ml Can) I 5.5% alc./vol.
    • Food Truck Blonde Ale (473ml Can) | 4.8% alc./vol
    • Pearson Express IPA (473ml Can) | 6.5% alc./vol
    • Rush Canadian Golden Ale (473ml Cans) | 5.5% alc./vol
    • Figo Italian Pilsner (473ml Can) | 5.5% alc./vol
    • Henderson Export Stout (473ml Can) | 7% alc./vol
    • Rube Belgian Tripel Goldbeer (473ml Can) | 8% alc./vol
    • Laura Secord's Long Trek Chocolate Stout | 10.5% alc./vol
    • Barberians Rare Ale | 5.7% alc./vol
    • Superfresh Blonde | 4.8% alc./vol
    • Ides 78: Amelia Red Hefewiezen | 4.6% alc./vol
    • Escape Art West Coast IPA | 7% alc./vol
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