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The People of

Most of the world knows us as a wine website, but behind this pretty interface are some great people. Here are a few of the key players that make up the heart and soul of

  • Aaron Bick Co-founder, Business Development, Pro Wino
  • Daniel Bick Co-founder, Customer Experience, Logistics, Pro Wino
  • Jonny Bick Co-founder, Winery Liaison / Product Management, Pro Wino
  • Lawrence Farbman BSA, MCSE, SVP Ecommerce
  • Sam Fritz Tate, Sommolier
  • Lynn Giacobbi, Customer Experience & Order Fulfilment
  • Dalton King, Controller

  • Name: Aaron Bick
  • Position: Co-founder, Business Development, Pro Wino

  • Name: Daniel Bick
  • Position: Co-founder, Customer Experience, Logistics, Pro Wino

  • Name: Jonny Bick
  • Position: Co-founder, Winery Liaison / Product Management, Pro Wino

  • Name: Lawrence Farbman
  • Position: BSA, MCSE, SVP Ecommerce

Lawrence's role is to define and execute's eCommerce vision and marketing strategy. He takes pride in understanding what makes the brand stand apart to provide us with the most practical and effective digital acquisition path forward. Lawrence comes from an enterprise ecommerce background, working with Canadian staple companies such as, Davids Footwear, Harry Rosen, Town Shoes, Walking On A Cloud, Laura Canada, Shopper's Drug Mart Murale and Henry's Camera. Lawrence developed Canada’s first and longest standing automated marketplace management platform used by millions of eBay, Amazon & merchants globally. Lawrence specializes in accelerated ecommerce growth, network security, server infrastructure design, fraud prevention.

  • Name: Sam Fritz Tate
  • Position: Sommelier

Sam is one of Toronto's best known and most loved Somms in Toronto. With a deep love and even deeper knowledge of Spanish wines, it's not surprising that he has helped build one of the most interesting (and tasty!) lists at the famous Patria, Toronto. While continuing his work in the Toronto restaurant scene, Sam is also building's wine list and relationships with the best restaurants in the GTA. Young, dynamic, and with a thirst for introducing wine that is uniquely delicious, we are thrilled to have Sam represent our expanding portfolio.

  • Name: Lynn Giacobbi
  • Position: Customer Experience & Order Fulfilment

  • Name: Dalton King
  • Position: Controller