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  1. $90.40

    Henderson Brewing Company

    Ontario (Canada)

    24 x 473 ml

    WHAT'S IN THE BOX: It's a mystery!

    24 x 473ml cans total

    Labour Day is almost here. Whether you’re taking a breather after a long day at work, or enjoying the sun beating down on you while you relax outdoors this long, an ICE COLD beer always hits the spot.

    We worked with the folks at the brewery to specially curate a selection of Henderson's most popular award-winning seasonal beers in a 24 can mixed pack exclusively available through WineOnline. A mixed case of eight distinctly delicious varieties, of which you get three beers each—Including two brand new releases— a two-four that quenches both thirst and curiosity.

    Henderson's countless awards are a direct reflection of what happens when three great friends with a passion for beer team up to create one of Toronto's premier breweries. So get ready to try some of the best local warm weather beers on the market. We're not the only one's who think so. From industry publications to mayor John Tory citing "Henderson Brewing makes real Canadian beer.." This mixed pack has something for everyone this May 24 weekend—enjoyment guaranteed!

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